Until relatively recently, meaning until about 50 years ago, we in Western nations based our laws on God’s laws and justice. All people, including the poor and any other “disadvantaged” category you can think of, were equally subject to the same laws. But with progressive activists this is no longer the case. We now have the scales tilted in favour of the poor, metaphorically speaking. Not only that, we have lost our moral compass so that what is naturally abhorrent is seen as good and preferable while the truly good is seen as something to be argued over, a relic of the past.

Victoria’s Australian Labour Party Premier, Daniel Andrews, has many dubious qualities but you really do get to see his inner workings by the decisions he has made in the past and plans to make in the future. Here are some that I find the most disturbing :

The ‘Safe Schools’ (SS) program in Victorian schools. Children of all ages are being directed to websites and given material that is designed to orient them towards false and harmful ideas. The SS program is trying to create a whole new generation of people with a skewed understanding of sexuality as proposed by some hard-core sexual ‘progressives’. Any opposing opinion will be outlawed and the activists are working at just that, with the help of our obliging premier.

No serious back-burning of the bush, resulting in serious overgrowth and more bushfires in 2020. It is clear that back-burning has not been effectively done following the devastating 2009 Victorian bushfires, even in light of the recommendations of a Royal Commission that followed the devastation. Premier Daniel Andrews is ideologically opposed to clearing the bush, an obvious fire hazard to any child let alone to adults who are charged with running the state.

The proposed plan to ban ‘conversion practices’ that are engaged in addressing requests from homosexual and transgender people wishing to overcome what they have come to believe are self-destructive and unwanted sexual practices in their lives. I have written on this in my March post. It is an offence against the freedom and autonomy of individuals to create such a law. It shows that Andrews favours the lawless over the lawful, in the deepest sense of that word, and the interests of certain lobby groups over those of Victorians generally. I hope that he changes his mind and/or some ALP members would change their minds on voting for this law. I expect the Liberal Party to oppose it.

The proposed signing of the Belt and Road Initiative with the Chinese Communist Party.  The Belt and Road Initiative has been reported across various articles in the Australian and SkyNews throughout May. This initiative concerns deals that Premier Andrews has done with the Chinese Communist Party to fund and manage and provide labour for new infrastructure for Victoria. The proposal makes us, as with other nations (not that Victoria is a nation) that have gone down this track, vulnerable. ‘This track’ involves borrowing $24 billion from China, a position that clearly puts Victoria, and therefore Australia, directly under the influence and power of Communist China. This puts Australian sovereignty at risk. This is a security issue as shown by the federal government’s advice to Andrews to re-consider. The “co-operation principles” in the nine-page agreement — entitled Jointly Promoting the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road — uses exceptionally reverential language to mandate how Victoria should conduct its state-to-superpower relationship. Mr Andrews’s flourishing relationship with China can be charted back to his time as opposition leader between 2010 and 2014. A young Chinese-Australian adviser called Mike Yang, who worked in the Andrews camp in 2011-13, is credited with being the architect of the relationship.

“Liberal senator Sarah Henderson has called for a ban on foreign entities buying ports, airports, mobile networks and other critical national assets.”

“Scott Morrison has warned Victoria and other states to respect the federal government’s dominance over foreign policy, after Premier Daniel Andrews backed claims Canberra has vilified China.”

This is so serious that even US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has warned Victoria and Australia of the possible dire consequences of pursuing such a course of action. See articles in The Australian over the past few days (late May). “Every nation has its own sovereign right to make decisions for itself, and I suppose Victoria has some rights … but every citizen of Australia should know that every one of those Belt and Road projects needs to be looked at incredibly closely,” he told Sky News.“Nearly every one of them has a cost. There is often money loaned at conditional rates or conditions placed in the debt documents. “Or government concessions that have to be made to the Chinese Communist Party to get those Belt and Road initiatives built. “That proposes real risk. Real risk to the people of that region, real risk to the country, and quite frankly it builds the capacity of the Chinese Communist Party to do harm.”

Daniel Andrews acts and sounds like a communist so perhaps he is a communist. Russia was the first nation to embrace and embody communism’s ideology, Marxism, which is a philosophy, an idea underpinning communism, proposed by two men, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels about how best a people can be governed. Communism’s stated intent when it was first implemented in Russia and resulted in the bloodshed of millions, was of a fair go for workers around the world, ’Workers of the world unite’, but what was less visible to those who joined the movement was its alienation from and hatred for God as an opposing force to itself. Karl Marx’s famous “religion is the opiate of the masses” shows this. Communism also held a hatred for certain classes of humanity.

By contrast, Christianity is centred around God and invites everyone, even the ostensible enemies of God, into relationship with Him and so to partake with Christians of a different reality to the worldly one they had hitherto inhabited. And this is where my jaw-dropping disbelief at Christians, especially some Christian leaders, in joining with Communism’s contemporary manifestations : feminism, with the term, ‘Christian feminist’ an oxymoron because the last thing Christianity is about is ‘rights’, an essential component of feminism; re-writing of colonial history in order to discredit many Western nations’ Christian foundation; environmentalism, with its elevation of the environment over responsible management of the earth’s resources in the interests of human welfare. God gave humanity the privilege of ruling over the animal kingdom and subduing the earth for the benefit of humanity. See Genesis 1:28

Genesis 1:28 (NASB Strong’s (Lockman)) God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

This implies neither rape of the earth and animal kingdom nor their total neglect, leaving them in their natural state. It is about the careful and judicious use of the earth’s natural resources for the welfare of human beings.

But hang on, I can’t be serious including ‘feminism’ in the list can I? Well, the best thing that former deputy leader of the Liberal Party (2007 to 2018), Julie Bishop, ever did was to refuse to be labelled a ‘feminist’ by a journalist who was pressing her to use the term. So it is clear I do not mean by the term, ‘feminist’, all women who develop and use their talents to the full. No, feminism is an attitude and has its own agenda. Feminism is, like all Marxist ideas, about competition between groups. Feminism uses women and their particular issues, and they are particular, to promote certain agendas. Just as workers were once the used group that Marxism laid claim to, so now women are an additional claimed group. Feminism is not about advancement for women but about their enslavement in order to promote an agenda. It is an agenda that hates God and all that He has created for the benefit of humankind, one of the chief of which is the humble family – one Dad (a biological male), one Mum (a biological female) and their children. Who could argue with that? Marxists can, and do. I have nothing against women participating in public, business or domestic life at whatever level they like. This is not feminism though. True, Marxist-driven feminism is the promotion of that competition between human beings that sees any obstacle to a woman’s “rights”, be it from a male, female, child, baby, embryo or any other category not on this list, as a force to be opposed, even to the point of extinction (abortion). A Marxist mindset sees men and women in competition with each other with men needing to be put down, humiliated and beaten into servile submission to women. This is evident in advertising that forever shows the woman as the all-wise, above-it-all being and the man as the stupid, imbecilic hanger-on, to be tolerated for whatever he does offer the relationship, which can be callously mined. It’s an extremely ugly picture.

There’s always a winner and loser with Marxists; workers over bosses, women over men, the environment over humans, progressives over conservatives. Marxism is an ideology of competition and unnecessary antagonism. Marxists do not operate by reason but by the will to power and subjugation. Christianity does not play favourites like Marxism does. Christianity is about all people, men and women,  boys and girls, babies and embryos, being made in the image of God and each one deserving their unique place in this world. Misery comes upon a world that insists on fleeing from God’s moral order and inventing its own, with its own systems of right and wrong, good and bad, in other words, its own moral compass. Marxists are very adept at spinning language to make it seem that they are the fair ones. They are not; they are simply good spinmeisters.

1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2 “Speak to all the congregation of the people of Israel and say to them, You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy….15 You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor…”

Leviticus 19:1-2, 15 (ESV)

Great news: Michael O’Brien has just announced on Saturday 30 May that “a Michael O’Brien-led Liberal Nationals Government will withdraw Victoria from the Chinese Government’s Belt and Road Initiative agreements.”