Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Bill 2020

Early in February, the Victorian Senate will be voting on the bill above, a bill that has been voted in favour of by a majority in the Lower House and now only requires a majority vote in the Senate for it to become law. The bill’s intention is to remove all influences over gender confused people other than from those approved by pro-transgender activists.The proponents of the bill have argued that cruel practices have accompanied counselling sessions with non-approved helpers, a false claim. If there have been cruel practices, an all-encompassing bill such as this should be amended to eliminate such practices without tying the hands of so many well-intentioned and highly capable helpers. 

Where did the impetus come from for proposing such a bill? And why are governments taking so seriously an issue that will so adversely affect a huge proportion of its populations while pandering to the wants of a small percentage? In answer to the first question, transgender activists have been active for years in promoting their agenda and are motivated by reasons ranging from personal to ideological. But think again. Who else stands to gain from such a bill? Surely there are powerful interests pushing for these changes. Apart from the obvious interest of Big Porn, there is a group whose name surrounds the wording of the bill; the Australian Medical Association. The AMA stands to gain a great deal. Why is it that Premier Daniel Andrews and Labor are backing this bill? In order to answer that, let me take you back to 2008. Daniel Andrews was Health Minister from 2007 to 2010 when John Brumby was the Victorian Premier. In 2008, the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 was passed. This law progressed abortion in Victoria to even more horrendous levels. It was a win for the abortion movement. It, like the bill being discussed here, sought to silence all opposition. Doctors became stripped of their right of conscience to offer alternative advice to women seeking abortions. The law required all doctors to refer pregnant women seeking advice about abortions to abortionists rather than counsel them in a more open-minded direction. In the same way, all those in the helping professions answering requests for help from gender confused individuals will be forced to tow the “approved” line. Doctors, counsellors, pastors, teachers, parents and others will be forced into silence over their deep-held convictions and care for those whom they are counselling. But we still haven’t answered the question, what are Andrews and the Victorian ALP about with this bill?

Andrews is supposed to be Premier for most Victorians. He’s not. He’s there for his mates from the unions or from approved groups. The AMA is virtually a union. Both here in Australia and in the USA, the AMA here and the AMA there have been judged by some astute thinkers to be unions. Premier Andrews is promoting jobs, jobs, jobs via strengthening of the virtual union that is the AMA. In his book Capitalism and Freedom, economist Dr Milton Friedman called the American Medical Association the “strongest trade union in the United States”. See here. An article by The Conversation and one from Wikipedia point out that only 30% of Australian doctors are in the AMA, down from 50 years ago when nearly all doctors were members. Entitled “Patient Advocate or Doctors’ Union? How the AMA flexes its political muscle”, the article asserts,

“Health politics today is similarly riddled with self-serving interest groups that masquerade as something else. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is a key player in this strife …The AMA is adept at dressing up its concerns in high-sounding rhetoric about the public interest. It is also skillful at concealing its weakness in terms of representing a united medical profession. For these reasons, it has been able to maintain its position as the foremost medical lobby group, and will probably continue to do so.”

This bill will facilitate an increase in patients by offering unscrupulous doctors (unscrupulous doctors, not all doctors, not even all doctors in the AMA), on a silver platter unhampered by any opposition, a whole new class of patient for a very long time. Undergoing hormone therapies or surgery both come with lifelong consequences because of irreversible damage wreaked by assaults on the body’s natural biochemical processes and anatomy. 

The very accusations against those who oppose the notion of gender fluidity are true for those who promote transgenderism. This bill will drive up depression and suicide among the gender confused. Stories of regret for starting the transition process are available online. Note the story of Keira Bell, a young woman who undertook hormone therapy and surgery and is in the process of suing the NHS’s Tavistock Clinic in England. Here is a snippet of the article in The Daily Mail –

In a statement after today’s hearing in London, Ms Bell said: “I have become a claimant in this case because I do not believe that children and young people can consent to the use of powerful and experimental hormone drugs like I did. I believe that the current affirmative system put in place by the Tavistock is inadequate as it does not allow for exploration of these gender dysphoric feelings, nor does it seek to find the underlying causes of this condition. Hormone-changing drugs and surgery does not work for everyone and it certainly should not be offered to someone under the age of 18 when they are emotionally and mentally vulnerable. The treatment urgently needs to change so that it does not put young people, like me, on a torturous and unnecessary path that is permanent and life-changing.”

Here is the great intersection of interests in the bill – Marxism, paganism and greed. It is Marxist because it is doing what Marxist revolutions always do – empower and use minority groups in order to overturn the existing order. It is pagan because it defies God and instead believes in myths. It reveals greed through unmasking the AMA’s interest in the bill which is to boost numbers in a class of patient with healthy young bodies who will become lifelong dependents on the medical system. 

With the passing of this bill, the vulnerable will forever be at the mercy of the health cartel. You’ve heard of Big Food and Big Pharma. Well here’s Big Health. Jobs, jobs, jobs! As former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman intimated in another context altogether and certainly not with reference to this particular issue, we want to encourage meaningful, productive jobs. We do not want an artificially inflated health sector that exists to merely serve its own interests at the expense of the vulnerable. In other words, this bill as it stands encourages exploitation of the vulnerable by strong interest groups. It will ensure that those who have issues with gender identity and other issues will be left totally unsupported, mentally, emotionally and, dare I say it, spiritually. This bill in its current form is cruel.

Author: ourworldourfaith

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