Kamala Harris

During the Vice Presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Harris made a curious claim : she spoke of the value of working for the dignity of all people. Strong words given that there’s at least one American whose dignity and value she has no time for. In fact, in her efforts to destroy this individual she, as former Californian Attorney General, was happy to promote the law-breakers and to punish the good and the innocent. The story so far involves a lovely, young Catholic man, David Daleiden, Kamala Harris, current Californian Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, and America’s biggest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. 

David Daleiden went undercover as an investigative journalist and went into Planned Parenthood’s premises with the aim of recording conversations in order to document their activity. This is perfectly legal. Many, many hours of video footage were gathered, exposing incriminating evidence that Planned Parenthood was engaging in the illegal procuring and selling of aborted baby body parts to their business associates – a sideline and criminal “industry” within PP’s abortion establishment. For his heroic work in exposing heinous crimes against humanity, Kamala Harris instigated criminal charges against David Daleiden. This, the moral compass of the woman who would be Vice President of the United States.

As if the Daleiden story isn’t enough to convince you of this woman’s agenda for America, what she said in the Vice Presidential debate surely sets off red flags and alarm bells to anyone who thinks, even a bit. If she wins, she is about to restrain police in their line of duty. What this means is that she will re-train police and recruit police who are prepared to enforce law according to Harris’s moral compass – a compass where north isn’t north as you and I know it. It’s a compass where the innocent and the good are punished, just like David Daleiden, and the evil and the lawless prosper. This for America.

President Trump has been the most openly pro-life president ever. Whatever you think of President Donald Trump, he has a well-functioning moral compass. It would appear that he has had out-of-control appetite issues over the years but his heart appears to be in the right place and from what I have seen, he has a good moral compass. If someone like Kamala Harris insists on calling black, white, and white, black, what can be done? NOTHING. President Trump passes the ‘moral compass’ test which means he is as repulsed by clear evil as you and I are. If you are a Christian, know that there are several biblical characters who fell for the out-of-control appetite problem yet God used them to extend His kingdom in this fallen world, and dramatically changed them as well. What there is little hope for is a lover of lies with a head full of moral distortions like Kamala Harris has. If you care about the future of the world, your nation, your family and yourself, please use your opportunity to vote, and vote carefully.

Author: ourworldourfaith

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